Weighing and limiter unit for cranes and lifting systems.

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Digital unit designed to be applied as limiter and weighing device on cranes and in general on handling and lifting machines.
This unit has three independent and settable alarm thresholds with relays output.
The CAM9-N can be connected with any load cell sensor as tension/compression load cells, dynamometric load pins, tension-meters, torque meters.

The thresholds set up, the calibration and the general parameter setting can be realized directly by the on frontal panel with keyboard and display.
During the normal operation, local display shows the instant measured weight.

The CAM9-N is assembled on a support for mounting in electric cabinets by a standard DIN bar; as option the unit can be supplied in a IP56 electrical box for external application with its power supply unit.
CAM9-N is available in summary version for systems with multiple lifts as limiter for single and sum lift. Multiple CAM9-N can be connected together by the inside serial ports; in this configuration each units has thresholds for single and sum loads.

CAM9-N is also a precise weighing system, it can be connected to a range of local large displays or other devices to transit the measure by cable or wireless. Calibration can be realized on site in theoretical way or using a calibrated weight.