Cami offers qualified services and assistance on all the proposed production and its application.


Customized design

All products in our catalogue are fully designed and produced by CAMI.
The Cami technical office takes care of our customer’s request modifying or creating the most suitable instrument for the specific use.
With our experience and expertise we can update, design and manufacture customized measuring instruments for your need.
Contact our specialized staff, together we find the most suitable solution.


Quick quotes

When you require a quote, you are sure to receive a very fast response. In the formulation of the offer we always provide advice for the best choice of the instrument according to your needs.



Cami offers a full calibration service with ACCREDIA certified instrument.
We perform calibration of our instruments but also of instruments of other manufacturers after technical verification.
Our expertise allows us to suggest the most appropriate calibration
methods and times to the customer.



CAMI guarantees a complete assistance service in all phases of use of its products starting from installation and commissioning and subsequently throughout the life of the product.
Our assistance office provides all the necessary information to ensure the correct use and functioning of the instruments or to give assistance to the customer and the end user in case of need.



Many of our instruments require an ordinary maintenance that often depends from real use.
Our experienced staff is always available to the customer to advise and to arrange the appropriate periodic interventions to ensure the perfect
efficiency of the instrument and extend its operating life.


Ready to delivery products

Cami offers a wide range of measuring instruments already in stock, guaranteeing very fast delivery.

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