Limiter unit for PLd and SIL2 certified plant.

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CAM99 unit is designed to be connected to load cells with double independent sensor device for Certified SIL2 plants.

CAM99 has nr.2 alarm thresholds independent and fully settable, each alarm is controlled by nr.2 independent control system with nr.2 switches each one.

By the inside keyboard and display it’s possible to set the thresholds, to calibrate the system and to set the main parameter of working.

La CAM99 has nr.2 serial ports Rs232 e nr.2 CAN ports to remote the weight measurement; several optional devices are available for this product.

Nr.2 units can be linked together to control and manage the sum of the weight in double lifting systems.

In the operational condition the local display has shows the weight and visualize possible alarm conditions.

CAM99 is supplied on a support for mounting on standard DIN guide or else supplied in IP56 electric board with external voltage supply.