Limiter DIN 15 BE

Limiter with load cell.
For direct installing on the rope.
Digital unit CAM9N with nr.3 theresholds integrated into the load cell.

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• Limiter for application direct on the rope with electronic board integrated
• Load cell body in galvanized alloy steel Easy installation and set up without rope disassembly
• Available for ropes from 8 to 32 mm diameter
• Capacity until 8000 kg (load on the rope)
• Suitable for outdoor application (IP 66)
• Temperature range: -10  +60°C
• Over load admitted: 150% f.s.
• Electronic board CAM9N unit
• Nr.3 independent alarm thresholds
• Voltage supply: 12÷24V ac/dc
• Alarm slack rope function


• Keyboard with display for calibration in site
• Analogue output port
• Serial output port