Load cell display with alarm output. Flush-mounted and Desk execution.

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Electronic unit specifically designed for use as a precision load measuring instrument on general dynamometer and lifting systems.

The instrument is very versatile and fully configurable.

Limiting up to six independent alarm unit signals is possible anywhere in field of measurement with output relays, by using relays of adequate capacity, given their reduced performance.
CAM13 is compatible with several strain gage type load cells such as: tension/compression load cells, load measuring pins.
Alarm threshold setting, system calibration, parameter setup procedures can directly be front panel programmable via integrated keypad and display.
CAM13 has the peak function with 50 Hz frequency acquisition.
Automatic theoretical load calibration function is also available.
System-measured weight is indicated on a display under regular operating conditions.
CAM13 is suited for panel embedded applications.
Alternatively is available the version for use in outdoor applications sealed to protection class
IP 55 and the Desk Rack version suitable for laboratories.

CAM13 can transmit the via a serial communication port measured weight to a high digit display, printer or different device and a PLC via an analog output.

The version MEMO is equipped with software to memorize measurements in automatic procedure or by logic input. There is a version with clock calendar option.