MDS E 01

Digital electronic instrument for density control of insulation gas in high and medium voltage equipment.

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Digital instrument to measure and control of the gas density, designed for application in High and Medium voltage electric plants.

The MDS-E01 measures pressure and temperature and, using the input state equation of the gas, calculate the density value
On the local display it’s possible to see, pressing the frontal key, the instant values of pressure, temperature and density (normally indicated as the corresponding pressure value at 20°C).
MDS-E01 has nr.4 settable alarm thresholds referred to density values, nr.4 led lights on the frontal shown the alarm status. The instrument has, on request, an analogue output signal.
Digital filters and a software realized under specific know how in this applications, allow to reduce errors measurement due to fast temperature transients.
The instrument is fully protected against strong electromagnetic disturbances.